Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Decisions.. Choices.. Gosh!

Why we do have to make a decision?
Why should we take a stand?
Why take a risk?

Why do we yearn for choices?
Why do we have so many choices?
How do we choose between choices?

Why is life so hard on us sometimes?
Are we hard on ourselves?
Is life difficult?
Or do we make it sound complicated?

At this point in life, I think I am going through a Quarter-life crisis.. And by god! Its a tough phase..

I am lost in thoughts
in hope..
in imagination..

& yearn for something better..
something unique
something new..
something creative..

We all go through this phase.. and trust me, you dont have a choice.. you just have to take a stand.. just have to make a decision.. and by gosh! Its tough.. But, thats life!

-Shifted from Real World Section.
-Posted by Aparna.G

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